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What should determine the price of e-books?

On the FUTUReBOOK blog, in a recent post about app publishing and pricing, Simon Appleby mentions the dilemma facing publishers when it comes to pricing electronic editions of books:

While we know that e-books and enhanced e-books pose their own pricing challenges for the trade, at least there is a base expectation in the consumer’s mind that what they are purchasing has value as the fruits of someone’s labours – the debate is “cheaper than the book, but how much cheaper?”.

That is a good question, and I started to try and write a comment on his post but it developed into such a long comment that it became clear I should make it as a post here instead… Continue reading ‘What should determine the price of e-books?’

Absorbing the VAT increase for Alnpete Press eTitles

Alnpete Press are pleased to confirm that we have adjusted the prices of the eTitle editions of our books to ensure that they remain at £1.99 despite the increase in VAT.

Library of the Soul available on Kindle and Kobo

Devoted Sisters available on Kindle and Kobo

Abiding Evil available on Kindle and Kobo