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Pass the Buck – Interview with Alison Buck in News Shopper

Following the publication of Abiding Evil, Alison was interviewed by the leisure editor of the News Shopper, her local newspaper, and featured in an article entitled Pass the Buck (!) accompanied by a very moody photograph. The article is also available in the News Shopper leisure news RSS feed from their online edition.

Bonkers and a little vain

An interview with Alison Buck

may 2007

Abiding Evil is a horror story. Your first book, Devoted Sisters, wasn’t horror – although many people were surprised or even shocked by the ending. Why a darker tale this time?

Well this was actually a story that I started before Devoted Sisters, so this has been a while in the making. But, I don’t know, maybe I just tend towards the darker side of life. I think I’ve got a few happy stories in there waiting to be told, but for the moment they are going to be fairly dark

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