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Abiding Evil by Alison Buck – Finalist in the Global eBook Awards

Global eBook Awards FinalistAbiding Evil CoverAlison’s book Abiding Evil has been chosen as a finalist in the Global eBook Awards. The awards ceremony is on Saturday 20th August in Santa Barbara in California.

Global eBook Awards – judging soon to begin

Global eBook Awards NomineeThree of our titles were nominated for the Global eBook Awards. Judging is soon due to begin and there is still time for you to cast a vote on the awards website. Each of them is in a different category so you can vote for all of them if you wish. It only takes a few seconds!

If you’ve read and enjoyed any of our titles please do spend those few seconds voting. It couldn’t be any easier, just follow the links below:

To vote for Abiding Evil in the Horror category go to http://bit.ly/abidingAward

To vote for Devoted Sisters in the Suspense/Thriller category go to http://bit.ly/devotedAward

To vote for Crypto da Vinci, a Peter White mystery in the Mystery category go to http://bit.ly/cryptoAward

Thank you in anticipation ;-)

Alnpete Press eBook sales

It’s been an exciting time for us and our authors here at Alnpete Press, with the move into the world of eBooks being a great success.

   Alison Buck’s spooky horror novel Abiding Evil quickly went to the top of both Amazon UK and Kobobooks horror bestseller lists, it has also been No. 1 in Ghosts on both sites for ages.

   Sales in the UK, as well as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere have been strong on Kobobooks, but sales outside the UK have been negligible on Amazon. There is a distinct and very palpable antagonism to small independent publishers / authors, especially if they are non-US, (to the point of extreme rudeness in many cases) on the amazon.com customer threads which is clearly reflected in the sales figures.

   So, thank you to our new readers who are discovering our titles for the first time in electronic format. Tell your friends ;-)

“one of the finest horror novels I have ever read” Darkiss Reads review of Abiding Evil

On his website Darkiss Reads, Darkiss has reviewed Abiding Evil by Alison Buck. If you haven’t read Abiding Evil yet (why not?), then check out this review to see what you’re missing. Darkiss obviously enjoyed it! I’m sure he won’t mind us including a couple of extracts here:

“I will tell you right from the start that this is one of the finest horror novels I have ever read. There is no doubt in my mind that Alison Buck is one of the best writers of horror around today. Abiding Evil left me hanging on the edge of my chair so many times that the next time I read one of her books I may strap myself into my seat.”

“I don’t know why Alison Buck’s name is not better known. If this book is anything to go by she is easily as good as Stephen King or Dean Koontz.”

Thanks Darkiss, hopefully your review will mean that Alison’s name does become better known ;-)

Nominations for Global eBook Awards

Global eBook Awards Nominee

Three of our titles have been nominated for the Global eBooks Awards:

Abiding Evil by Alison Buck

Crypto da Vinci by Simon Buck

Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck

Read an eBook Week 2011

eBook week 2011

Take the opportunity in this year’s Read an eBook week to read Abiding Evil or Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck, or Library of the Soul by Simon Buck on Kindle. Or if you prefer, Kobo versions of Abiding Evil or Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck, or Library of the Soul by Simon Buck. All currently available at GOOD PRICES.

Alison Buck starts her own blog – Pass the Buck

With a little prompting from various quarters, our bestselling author Alison Buck has just started her own blog. Called Pass the Buck (!) it will be separate from this Alnpete Press blog (although we are happily hosting it for her – but with no editorial input). Have a look.

“Amazingly enticing, with wonderful imagery!” Customer review of Abiding Evil on Waterstone’s website

In June 2010 someone called Giselle wrote a customer review on the Waterstone’s website, with the title above. She said:

“The plot was fast paced and really draws you in with beautifully illustrated characters. Including the loveable & hateful staple characters and a truly terrifying evil presence. The story has impressive imagery and conjures up such wonderful visual notions; you can almost see it play through as if it were a blockbuster film in your head! I really loved it, so unfortunately finished it too quickly! That is the only criticism i can make, that it entices you too much that it is over too quickly!”

Sorry we didn’t notice the review before now, and whoever Giselle is I’m glad she (?) enjoyed it.

Stuck in the snow? Read Abiding Evil and realise it could be so much worse!

If, like us, you’ve been snowbound for much of the last couple of weeks you probably haven’t been able to get out and do your christmas shopping. No deliveries have been getting through (we only had two deliveries of post in the last two weeks) so ordering online has not been much of an option. If you can’t get out to the shops (assuming they’re even open) you could buy electronic versions of our books for yourself or as gifts. Our books are available as eTitles on Kobo and now on the Kindle store (both US and UK).

If you are still snowbound, then you might be especially interested in Abiding Evil by Alison Buck. Most of the action takes place in a hotel in a clearing in a forest. A group of friends are unable to get away when the snow comes and traps them. Then an ancient evil presence from the forest starts to menace them. An evil that took children away from the nearby town many years before and has now come back for more. An Abiding Evil.

You might think that this would not be the most appropriate book to read if you’re stuck in similar circumstances – but isn’t that the attraction of horror? If nothing else, you can get a feeling of how much better off you are snowbound in your home than these people in this hotel. There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing others who are worse off ;-)

Either way if you’re waiting for the snow to clear, even if you don’t want to read Abiding Evil, we hope you have a nice peaceful time, looking forward to Christmas.

“One of the finest examples of irony in modern fiction”

A customer review of Alison Buck’s Devoted Sisters has been posted on Amazon.co.uk by Mrs. Helen Auld. Our favourite line:

In considering the title and ending together, the reader is led carefully by the all-seeing narrator to a traumatically tragic climax which memorably depicts one of the finest examples of irony in modern fiction.

Wow. Thanks Helen, we’re really glad you enjoyed it.