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In defence of adult readers of Harry Potter

I had promised myself not to get drawn into the debates that seem to have taken over almost every medium (radio, TV, online) about whether adults should be reading the latest Harry Potter book. It seems to me the height of arrogance for anyone to tell me what I should or should not read.

But then, of course, we have to remember that this prescriptive (and indeed proscriptive) attitude is being adopted by arrogant pseudo-intellectuals. Perhaps they still think that reading should be restricted to the literary elite and not wasted on anyone who didn’t go to the right Oxbridge college. They are no doubt still mourning the invention of the printing press and the expansion of education beyond clerics and aristocracy. Continue reading ‘In defence of adult readers of Harry Potter’

Sending Evil out into the world!

I recently signed off the final, final, multiple-proof-read version of my second book, Abiding Evil. It’s with the production team now and may be being printed even as I write.

This is a difficult time; the book is out of my hands now and I have to trust other people to take good care of my baby. Having said that, I was really impressed with the quality look and feel of my first book, Devoted Sisters, also published by Alnpete, so I’m sure everything will be fine ( wringing hands, nervous grin, anxious, staring eyes ;-) )

Continue reading ‘Sending Evil out into the world!’

Writing in the great outdoors

After the excitement of last week’s Book Fair and the launch of the Scribbling and scribing blog, this week has been a bit of an anti-climax. The thrill of being invited to contribute has been replaced by the realisation that this is now a commitment. The glossy sheen of novelty has already been tarnished by the patina of banality. Actually that’s unfair, there is nothing banal on the blog, so perhaps I should have said (written?) normalcy rather than banality. Anyway, having wasted a few words already, down to some actual content… Continue reading ‘Writing in the great outdoors’

What a coincidence!

There I was at the London Book Fair, having retreated for some lunch to the Pizza Express that nestles inside Earl’s Court, flicking through the seminar list while enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio and waiting for my pizza. The afternoon offered a seminar on promoting books online. Haha, I thought (like you do?) I should go along to that and see what I can do and what I can nag my erstwhile publishers to do. So, having downed my (second) glass of the aforementioned wine and filled up with a rather yummy pizza, I wandered along to a long narrow seminar room. Continue reading ‘What a coincidence!’