Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Alnpete Press eBook sales

It’s been an exciting time for us and our authors here at Alnpete Press, with the move into the world of eBooks being a great success.

   Alison Buck’s spooky horror novel Abiding Evil quickly went to the top of both Amazon UK and Kobobooks horror bestseller lists, it has also been No. 1 in Ghosts on both sites for ages.

   Sales in the UK, as well as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere have been strong on Kobobooks, but sales outside the UK have been negligible on Amazon. There is a distinct and very palpable antagonism to small independent publishers / authors, especially if they are non-US, (to the point of extreme rudeness in many cases) on the customer threads which is clearly reflected in the sales figures.

   So, thank you to our new readers who are discovering our titles for the first time in electronic format. Tell your friends ;-)

Incoming Gibberish

One of the disadvantages of allowing comments on a blog is that you immediately become a target for spammers and others who are trying to build up a volume of links to improve the search engine rating for their own site. Now if they made some relevant or appropriate comment not only might you overlook their objective when moderating their comment, but indeed you might not even notice. But almost invariably they just make some boilerplate comment (even to the point of leaving in boilerplate variable placeholders sometimes!). Given the nature of our blog (i.e. to provide information relating to our authors and their titles) most of these bog-standard comments are so far from being even vaguely relevant as to be laughable. At least that makes the job of moderating much simpler!

   So far, the comments largely fall into four categories:

1. Stroking. Complimentary comments that are non-specific and are intended to appeal to the blogger’s ego (“Great post. I come back here regularly. I don’t understand why you’re not a famous blogger” etc…)

2. Poking. Uncomplimentary comments that are also non-specific but seem to be intended to generate a response (“I used to read your blog every day but the recent posts aren’t so good. What’s up dude?” and so on.)

3. Provoking. Questions or statements about the mechanics of the blog that are also intended to generate a response (“Hey dude, did you know your text disappears off the page in Chrome?” “Some of the pictures aren’t loading in my browser.” or even “I couldn’t find a way to submit comments” – my favourite ;-) )

4. Cloaking. Comments that aren’t even trying to be intelligible. Some appear to be randomly generated gibberish, many of which are clearly from sources that don’t speak English and have found a very strangely populated dictionary/thesaurus. (“This sounds sort of agitative pending me…can’t watch this…thank you!” “That is former groovy advice! ego be acquainted with he.”)

However there is a fifth category which cuts across all of them and I wanted to share some of those here. I call that category:

5. Joking. These are comments that are trying to be in one of the four categories above but are so laughable that they deserve their own. Some are such complete gibberish that they make you laugh out loud:

“That is former ducky advice! alter ego be apprised of oneself. Though her beholder been in loyalty facing 9 period (yet the senility upon 15) him haven’t displeasing up to truck developer rainy day beside one psychological time inner man am fixer turn enterpriser.”

“GREAT POST! he actually coated beneficial the bases. Thank him forward portioning.”

“This sounds high-flown, added timely! I’ve noticed just about crude communion dip excepting several countries, I’m from Australia.”

“Great direction. Bookmarked, hymn.”

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“I do not understand how cloud’s are formed, however the clouds do, and that is the essential thing.”

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