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“one of the finest horror novels I have ever read” Darkiss Reads review of Abiding Evil

On his website Darkiss Reads, Darkiss has reviewed Abiding Evil by Alison Buck. If you haven’t read Abiding Evil yet (why not?), then check out this review to see what you’re missing. Darkiss obviously enjoyed it! I’m sure he won’t mind us including a couple of extracts here:

“I will tell you right from the start that this is one of the finest horror novels I have ever read. There is no doubt in my mind that Alison Buck is one of the best writers of horror around today. Abiding Evil left me hanging on the edge of my chair so many times that the next time I read one of her books I may strap myself into my seat.”

“I don’t know why Alison Buck’s name is not better known. If this book is anything to go by she is easily as good as Stephen King or Dean Koontz.”

Thanks Darkiss, hopefully your review will mean that Alison’s name does become better known ;-)

Alnpete Press titles now available on German Kindle store

With the launch of the kindle store, Alnpete Press titles are now available in the English Books section.

Nominations for Global eBook Awards

Global eBook Awards Nominee

Three of our titles have been nominated for the Global eBooks Awards:

Abiding Evil by Alison Buck

Crypto da Vinci by Simon Buck

Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck