Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Stuck in the snow? Read Abiding Evil and realise it could be so much worse!

If, like us, you’ve been snowbound for much of the last couple of weeks you probably haven’t been able to get out and do your christmas shopping. No deliveries have been getting through (we only had two deliveries of post in the last two weeks) so ordering online has not been much of an option. If you can’t get out to the shops (assuming they’re even open) you could buy electronic versions of our books for yourself or as gifts. Our books are available as eTitles on Kobo and now on the Kindle store (both US and UK).

If you are still snowbound, then you might be especially interested in Abiding Evil by Alison Buck. Most of the action takes place in a hotel in a clearing in a forest. A group of friends are unable to get away when the snow comes and traps them. Then an ancient evil presence from the forest starts to menace them. An evil that took children away from the nearby town many years before and has now come back for more. An Abiding Evil.

You might think that this would not be the most appropriate book to read if you’re stuck in similar circumstances – but isn’t that the attraction of horror? If nothing else, you can get a feeling of how much better off you are snowbound in your home than these people in this hotel. There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing others who are worse off ;-)

Either way if you’re waiting for the snow to clear, even if you don’t want to read Abiding Evil, we hope you have a nice peaceful time, looking forward to Christmas.

Alnpete Press titles available on Kindle US and UK stores

Alnpete Press eTitles are now available for the Amazon Kindle on both the US and UK Kindle stores. Currently both Abiding Evil and Devoted Sisters by Alison Buck and Library of the Soul by Simon Buck are available.