Going digital with ePub – going global with Kobo

We have, up to now, published titles in trade paperback format. These have been available through the usual retailers, including high-street bookshops and online stores such as Amazon.co.uk, as well as from the Alnpete Press online bookshop. Although available for purchase by customers outside the UK, the delivery costs can be disproportionately high. Along with the virtual impossibility for a small UK publisher to have their titles stocked by overseas retailers, especially in large English language markets such as the US, this has seriously restricted the opportunity for most readers throughout the world to be able to read Alnpete Press titles. The advent of electronic books has, at last, provided the means for readers around the world to have ready access to titles from small publishers like Alnpete Press at a realistic price.

The widespread adoption of the ePub industry-wide standard for electronic books means that it has become a realistic option for a small publisher like us, with our own in-house technical capability, to produce a single, standard, electronic version of a title that can be read by the widest possible potential customer base. However, being able to make an electronic book available to a world-wide market was proving to be just as difficult as for print; the largely US-based online retailers make it difficult and/or uneconomic for small UK publishers.

We looked at Kobo, which is based in Toronto but has a truly global customer base, and were impressed by their customer-centric service and their device-neutral approach. When we contacted them to see about making Alnpete Press titles available through Kobo we were even more impressed. They couldn’t have been more helpful.

4 Responses to “Going digital with ePub – going global with Kobo”

  • But all your titles are showing with very different prices on Kobo from what it says on your website. how come?

  • I’m sorry about that. There appears to be some problems at Kobo’s end and they haven’t applied our prices correctly. Also, they seem to have lost Abiding Evil. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon. Meanwhile our titles are now also available on Kindle.

  • A quick update.

    Our titles all have the correct price (£1.99) on Kobo now.

  • I see J K Rowling has finally separated from her (extremely) long term literary agent, Chris Little. Can this be related to her bypassing the traditional publishing industry and releasing books in electronic format direct from her new Harry Potter web site, Pottermore? It seems the magical relationship couldn’t survive the harsh scrutiny of commercialism… sending us back to the real world with a bump.

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