Crypto da Vinci avoids Friday the 13th curse

After a self-imposed six year delay (to let the hype die down from that other ‘da Vinci’ book), Simon Buck’s next Peter White mystery has arrived. Originally planned to be the first Peter White mystery, it was rescheduled to appear after Library of the Soul as a prequel. Since then, various other events have conspired to delay it even further. Right up to the last minute, as the publication date of 9th November was missed when the first print run wasn’t delivered until Friday the 13th – which we’ve decided should not be taken as an omen! However, that’s all irrelevant now as it’s here for us to read (well, actually I’ve already read it, that’s the advantage of being the publisher).

In this book we get to learn more about Peter White, accompany him and his friend Al on some interesting travels and eavesdrop on their conversations over delicious meals. On the way through this modern day mystery we learn about an old scandal, uncover a hidden renaissance wonder and meet some curious characters (and a couple of unsavoury ones too).

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