Monthly Archive for June, 2007

Review of Abiding Evil on The Bookbag

There’s a review of Abiding Evil on The Bookbag web site, written by John Lloyd.

Our favourite line: “I however, really enjoyed the filmic style, and found a distinct creepiness in turning the pages late at night.”

Review of Library of the Soul on Euro Crime

There’s a review of Library of the Soul on the Euro Crime web site, courtesy of Norman Price who also blogs at Crime Scraps.

Our favourite sentence: “This was fun reading if you did not take it all too seriously, and I have to admit that it was a real page turner.” Norman finishes by saying “I am really looking forward to reading the next Peter White mystery”. So are we. Come on Simon get your finger out!

Book trailer for Abiding Evil by Alison Buck

The book trailer for Abiding Evil is now featured on BookTube as well as in the trailers page here on the blog (click Books then Trailers). It’s also on Alison’s YouTube page. From the BookTube page you can even get the code to embed it on your website or blog too (and give Alison’s book some free publicity!)

The more observant among you may also have noticed some online ads running on various sites and a half page advert in the latest issue (158) of SFX magazine. Actually, of course, we hope that lots of people do notice the ads however observant they are (or else the ads aren’t working!)