Sending Evil out into the world!

I recently signed off the final, final, multiple-proof-read version of my second book, Abiding Evil. It’s with the production team now and may be being printed even as I write.

This is a difficult time; the book is out of my hands now and I have to trust other people to take good care of my baby. Having said that, I was really impressed with the quality look and feel of my first book, Devoted Sisters, also published by Alnpete, so I’m sure everything will be fine ( wringing hands, nervous grin, anxious, staring eyes ;-) )

Abiding Evil has been a few years in the writing. My college friend, Sue, read an early draft of the first half of the book last spring and has been hinting that I should get my finger out and finish the damn thing ever since. It’s a great feeling when someone whose opinion you respect is nagging you to finish the story because they enjoyed the first part so much, but the reassurance is tempered by the worry that the concluding section won’t live up to their high expectations. We’ll have to see what she thinks when the book is out (no pressure – yeah right!)

Latterly, the completion of the book was delayed due to family illness; long drives to and from the hospital ate up the days as the publisher’s deadline loomed ever closer. Thankfully, with just a fortnight to spare, the patient was finally well enough to return home and I was able to get back on track. Over those two weeks, my poor husband and children were very patient and supportive as I worked whole days and through the night at my word processor, but despite my efforts, I missed the deadline and so delayed the date of publication. Thankfully, the lovely people at Alnpete were very understanding ( thought I’d better say that ;-) )

Now I can do no more than pace the floor, chew my nails and wait for the first proofs to arrive…As I said: this is a difficult time.

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