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A little late, but well worth the wait

Well, despite last minute delays in her final proofreading (see her previous post) Alison’s new horror chiller, Abiding Evil, is now available. If you’ve already pre-ordered a copy it should be arriving any day now. If not, why not? Go and order your copy right away ;-)

In fact buy one for a friend while you’re at it.

The press release says Abiding Evil is “A chilling tale for hot summer days…” so now would be a good time to read it while we’re still having this lovely weather, before summer is all over (about a week’s time!).

Intergalactic Towel Day

Towel day :: A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

Bonkers and a little vain

An interview with Alison Buck

may 2007

Abiding Evil is a horror story. Your first book, Devoted Sisters, wasn’t horror – although many people were surprised or even shocked by the ending. Why a darker tale this time?

Well this was actually a story that I started before Devoted Sisters, so this has been a while in the making. But, I don’t know, maybe I just tend towards the darker side of life. I think I’ve got a few happy stories in there waiting to be told, but for the moment they are going to be fairly dark

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Sending Evil out into the world!

I recently signed off the final, final, multiple-proof-read version of my second book, Abiding Evil. It’s with the production team now and may be being printed even as I write.

This is a difficult time; the book is out of my hands now and I have to trust other people to take good care of my baby. Having said that, I was really impressed with the quality look and feel of my first book, Devoted Sisters, also published by Alnpete, so I’m sure everything will be fine ( wringing hands, nervous grin, anxious, staring eyes ;-) )

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Abide with me

Abiding Evil CoverHectic times here at Alnpete Towers. Our latest title Abiding Evil will be available soon and this will be the first one for which we’ve had any sort of significant media campaign. So we’re currently rushing around preparing for the delivery of our stock at the same time as finalising ads and creating web banners and other cool stuff.

   Abiding Evil is a tale of the evil that lurks in the depths of an ancient forest, so we’re going to be promoting it in horror magazines and on horror websites. Hopefully there will be some good reviews appearing too. Watch out for it. Or better yet, you will be able to pre-order it from our own online shop any day now (once we have a firm delivery date)!