What a coincidence!

There I was at the London Book Fair, having retreated for some lunch to the Pizza Express that nestles inside Earl’s Court, flicking through the seminar list while enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio and waiting for my pizza. The afternoon offered a seminar on promoting books online. Haha, I thought (like you do?) I should go along to that and see what I can do and what I can nag my erstwhile publishers to do. So, having downed my (second) glass of the aforementioned wine and filled up with a rather yummy pizza, I wandered along to a long narrow seminar room. Luckily I was half an hour early and there were still plenty of seats left, but within a few minutes they were all taken, and by the time our panel arrived there were people standing along all the walls, sitting/lying in the gaps between the wall-huggers and the rows of chairs, not to mention crowding at the back. It was just as well that there was no intention to use the projector because the vast majority of the audience were unable to see much. As it was I could see two half faces of (two separate, obviously) panelists and had to use my imagination (enhanced by the comfortably settled wine meandering its way through my bloodstream) for the other two panelists based on their voices – on the way out I compared my version with reality and was way off-beam for one of them, naming no names to spare their, and my, embarassment (not to mention law suit) but I think the wine-sodden version would have been preferable!)

   Anyway, to get back to the point of this story. The panelists all seemed pretty convinced that blogs are a good idea and that every publisher should participate immediately. The loudest advocate of blogs was Mark Thwaite who is founder and blogger at ReadySteadyBook (so it’s not really a surprise that he was promoting blogs). Another was Anna Rafferty the Online Marketing Director for Penguin who have had a blog for some time. The other two were Rose Wild the Books Editor of the Times Online and David Freeman who set up a website called Meet the Author.

Haha, I thought again, I can nag my nice editor who is always keen for me to contribute ideas to the publicity engine that drives my books into the awareness of the great reading public. By the time I had got home from London and recovered from the foray, I had lost the fire and decided to put it off for another day.

   Then, surprise surprise, I get asked to contribute to the new blog being launched by Alnpete Press just four days later. I didn’t see my editor at that seminar, so it must just be coincidence. Or did I mention it to her when we did meet up – I shouldn’t have had that second glass of wine, maybe I would remember!

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